Advanced Furnace
x 25
HP: 5000

Advanced crafting station smelts raw ore into refined metal. Requires very high temperatures that can only be achieved on a moving walker.

Ingredient Station Output
Bone Glue x 12 + Nomad Cloth x 10 + Ceramic Shard x 100 + Wood Shaft x 25 Inventory Advanced Furnace

Uses Liquid Fuel or Rupu Gel as fuel. Liquid Fuel is mostly used as fuel despite having shorter burn time then Rupu Gel, 1:00 min compared to Rupu Gel's 1:40 min.

Keep in mid that Iron Ingot is not guaranteed when smelting Iron Ore and output can instead be Stone.

Recipes crafted in this station:
Ingredient Output
Iron Orex1 Iron Ingot
Sand x 2 Glass
Iron Ingot x 1 + Nibiran Mineral x 8 Nibiran Ingot

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